Jai Sai Ram
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Jai Sai Ram

Article by Shri C.B.Satpathy

However they work mostly through a number of intermediary workers, who are spiritual personalities at different stages of evolution both for training them and also for using them for specific jobs. These are addressed by different names as Mahatma, Yogi, Muni, Sanyasi in Hinduism and Awaliya, Pir, Mazoob or Kamil by the sufis. To realize god one has to go through many stages of evolution. After reaching the seventh stage of spiritual evolution they are known to be in a state of 'Paramhamsa' or 'Brahmistha' or 'Brahmabhoot'. Once in this spiritual level, they are in the state of Sat-Chit-Anand i.e. God-State having His infinite power, knowledge and happiness.

The spiritual powers in the other six stages carry out the work entrusted to them by the Sadgurus either directly or indirectly. Except a few at a higher stage of evolution, most of these intermediary workers may not even know the source of their motivation and the energy they get to undertake such big jobs effecting the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. They work like possessed persons, under the mighty influence of the Sadguru. Many of them when drawn by the master, start behaving in a manner not experienced before and at times they act in an unusual manner. Their internal thought process goes through a lot of change.

The Master creates within them the qualities of love, sacrifice and forebearance. The entire personality of the disciple gets evolved in association with the Sadguru. History has shown that even the biggest sinners became saints in later life due to the play of Guru Shakti in them. This is what is called the 'Mercy of the Master' or 'Guru Kripa'. They are the children of destiny working under the Sadguru and receive all their energy and powers from him.

On the other hand the Sadguru becomes responsib 'le for providing them with all the needs of life and also protection. Some of these workers or disciples directly communicate with the Sadguru in his Astral form. To thousands of people they give direct help towards evolution of their temporal and spiritual life. But to many more they work as invisible helpers effecting them through their thought process. Lots of people get direction in dreams and others get unexpected help and direction, which logically cannot be explained.

Due to their total attachment with the Sadguru their physical, Astral and mental bodies also gets linked with the physical, Astral and Mental bodies of the Sadguru. Their mutual bond of love is so strong that at times unknowingly they start functioning in the same manner as their Sadgurus. These children of Sadguru who in Hinduism are known as 'Ankita Santana'(i. e. earmarked children to take the role of the father at a later point of time), when doing any work under the command of the Guru or for his purpose are endowed with the required powers and energy to control all living forces including human beings and material forces around.

These are not their original powers but are powers delegated by the Sadguru. Their words of blessing invoked in the name of the Sadguru can bring-down an out-pouring of divine blessing from the Sadguru.