Jai Sai Ram
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Jai Sai Ram


Origins and First Appearance

No body knew the parents, birth or birthplace of Sai Baba. Many inquiries were made, many questions were put to Baba and others regarding these details, but no convincing answer or information has yet been obtained. Practically we know nothing about these matters. When asked about HIS relatives and other details HE gave only one answer:'From very long'.

Note: These words uttered by SAI BABA have been actually heard by the daughter-in-law of Mrs Bayajamaa Kote Patil. She was a witness to the dialogue between Mrs Bayajamaa Kote Patil and BABA who came for Bhiksha at Mrs Bayaja's place.

He first manifested Himself as a young lad of sixteen under a Neem tree in Shirdi for the sake of Bhaktas. Even then HE seemed to be full with the knowledge of a Brahman (the only one Universal force or energy governing all matters). He had no desire for worldly objects and pleasures  even in dream. He renounced Maya (delusion) and Mukti (deliverance) was at His feet. With His blessings many souls attained liberation.For all the seekers HE uttered only three words- 'ALLAH ACHCHA KAREGA' by way of HIS blessings. Everything will be fine by the GRACE OF GOD.

One old woman of Shirdi described Him as follows:
This young lad, fair, smart and very handsome was first seen under the Neem tree seated in an 'asana' (a Yoga posture). The people of the village were wonder-struck to see such a young lad practicing hard penance, not minding heat and cold. By day he associated with none, by night he was afraid of nobody. People were wondering and asking, when this young chap had turned up. His form and features were so beautiful that a mere look endeared Him to all. He went to nobody's door, always sat near the Neem tree. Outwardly he looked very young; but by His action he appeared to be really a Great Soul. He was the embodiment of dispassion and was an enigma to all. Nobody knew HIS where about and HIS mysterious behavior (Leelas).

It is said that one day, God Khandoba at Shirdi possessed the body of some devotee and people began to ask Him, "Deva (God), you please enquire what blessed father's son is this lad and when did He come".

God Khandoba asked them to bring a pickaxe and dig at a particular place