Jai Sai Ram
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Jai Sai Ram

Article by Shri C.B.Satpathy

I have no doubt that behind every major and sudden happenings on this earth the causative force emanates from these spiritual leaders. They programme, motivate, organize and precipitate these happenings in order to bring in a new order by changing the old. Changing of societal or world orders can occur only when a mighty spiritual thrust is given by the spiritual masters towards that direction. If Moses, Christ, Prophet Mohammed or Guru Nanak did not have the spiritual power with them, the changes they brought about and the religious orders they established would not have happened.

Behind all such important happenings like wars, peace, change of rulers and forms of government, new discoveries and inventions in all fields of knowledge, particularly in all streams of science, their role can be seen. The unseen hands that write history are the hands of Sadgurus, the divin incarnates of the age. Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi used to say that Allah i.e. God has many officers all over. They are very powerful. Centuries back, a western philosopher Hegel, had indicated about the movement of what he called 'world spirit' or 'nature forces' in precipitating major incidents like wars. However, he did not spell-out the mechanism by which and the process through which such changes take place. Hindu spiritual science explains these aspects in detail, which is known to a limited number of individuals in the spiritual path. Such knowledge is imparted by the Sadgurus to some deserving disciples only.

The Masters are the precursors of the man of the fifth race to come. They have been carrying on this experiment on different planets not only of our solar system but also on planets in other solar systems. The present research of finding the existences of organic life on planets like Mars, Venus and Moon in particularly will be successful as the Masters had earlier experimented on growth and sustenance of 'organic life forces' on these planets.Spiritual secrets revealed by the spiritual masters indicate about the generation of 'organic life forces' on earth by a spiritual entity called 'Dakshya Prajapati'. Till one understands and realizes the 'Prajapati'concept it will be treated as a mythological entity.

It is believed that pre-birth and post-death conditions of all human souls has some-thing to do with the Moon the nearest Astral body to the earth. These aspects cannot be discussed in this article, as the main issue is regarding the role of the Sadgurus or Perfect Masters.