Jai Sai Ram
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Jai Sai Ram

Article by Shri C.B.Satpathy

The Sadgurus are thus trying to advance the evolution by raising the potentials of man-the best of nature's creation on this planet. The blue-print of the future human civilization is already with them not only with a meticulously drawn plan to the last details but also a perfect time scheme. As all the astral bodies like the milky-ways, solar systems and planets have a certain periodicity of movement, changes in the solar systems and planets logically should follow certain time principles for the evaluation of both organic and inorganic matters.

The ancient Egyptians, the Kabala thinkers, the Chinese Philosophers in the past attempted and some what succeed in understanding these time-cycles of evolution. The ancient Hindu scripture have dealt with the cycles of time to the last minutes not only with reference to the past but also with reference to trillions of years ahead. Having full knowledge and command on the souls of all living beings the Sadgurus play a vital role in drawing unto them all their devotees at the time of death and evolve their souls even in the post death condition to higher levels of consciousness. They are the perfect Masters, the perfect creatures of God anywhere in the universe. Their job is to bring perfection to any thing and everything coming in contact with them, whether living or non-living cutting across all reference of time, distance and space.

Any one coming into their contact is bound to evolve whether he likes it or does not like it, whether it is to happen immediately or within a certain period of time. They are upholders of the ultimate laws of the nature and the divine principles. They are not limited by a human ego. They only work with a divine purpose. Their self is the divine self of God radiating only compassion and creativity of the highest order. All deities and nature forces known as Devas or Devis in the Hindu pantheon assist them in the performance of their duties. Their wishes are the law of nature and God's command even if invoke in the name of God. Shri Sai always used to invoke blessings say "Allah malik hai" (The God is the Lord of all) or " lshwar Achcha Karega" (God will help).